Jennifer & John, the Vancouver experience was wonderful
and the Koolway Coats
gave us not only warmth
and identity.

I think a great part of the
"warmth" was engendered
the personal attention care
and deep interest shown
by the Koolway Crew.

Steve R Stoute
Barbados Olympic Association


Koolway Sports has made the most wonderful jacket for our son Tommy. He will be 6 in Nov. and has CP and spastic muscles so severe in his upper extremities that getting his shirts on and jacket was awful. His new spring/fall jacket just unzips fully, slips over his head, slip in his chest harness straps and zip the ...arms from wrist to waist and off you go. No struggling to put jacket on backwards or to get arms in sleeves. No blanket falling off or tucking in. Boot/blanket combo just zips to waist and keeps wind and cold off his legs. We just love it. If only everyone could have one the kids (or others) would be so much more free to come and go with ease and comfort. Parents won't need to struggle with every day outer wear. We have enough to deal with already. Thankyou Jennifer and John and Koolway Sports--
Kathleen Pritzlaff

Matthew's wish came true this
past year when The Make-A-Wish foundation selected him to go
to the 2010 Winter Olympics
in Vancouver.

In honour of his being selected
Matthew received a special
Koolway Sports Olympic Red Coat.

Matthew and Joey are seen here
arriving at the Vancouver airport
for the start of their memorable
Olympic adventure.


This website is dedicated to our wonderful mothers Daphne & Wilma

Like a gentle hummingbird taking flight, Wilma and Daphne taught us how to fly.

We would like to thank them both for their optimism and strength, as they continue to guide us each and everyday, on our journey at Koolway Sports

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